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Looking for quality and affordable architect design services for your next residential or industrial project?

W Kish Architects – Latest Projects

Examples of domestic scale projects and design approaches.

Attention to Detail

Understanding craft skills, construction technology to create elegant, simple and cost effective project detailing



RIBA Registered Architect


Contextual design solutions


Problem solving across a wide range of projects to meet your needs.

Domestic extensions

We undertake all types of domestic alteration and extension work. If you are looking to alter or extend your home give us a call and check out what we can do for you.

Contemporary Design

We specialise in integrating modern design and living requirements into existing houses, in traditional urban and suburban settings as well as in sensitive settings such as conservation areas.

Live environments

Designing and managing projects in ‘live’ environments from altering homes while the client is still in residence; schools during term time; factory shop floor environments to complex infrastructure such as at Benton Metro for Nexus rail shown above.